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Friday, December 28, 2012

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Monday, September 3, 2012

When should you do MBA ? Directly after B.tech or Work and then ?

Many people in India and other places wonder when should they get MBA ? Some think :  why waste and year, just get it right after B.Tech or any Bachelors degree.  What is the correct decision ?  I was one of those who used to always think like that : ” I should not waste time and get it right away”. But, luckily things did not work out and it is a very good thing I did not do it right away. I feel the importance when I am in classes discussing with fellow class mates

When should you ideally do MBA ?
Ideally, you should at least work for 3 to 4 years and then start MBA.

What difference does it make ?

Work experience makes a huge difference. I can not explain how important it is. Many concepts related to  leadership, organization management, change management need work experience. You will not make much out of those classes if you do not have experience.  For instance, the question would be: how did you deal with your team ? what conflicts did you encounter as a team manager or member.  Think about it, if you have not worked, how would you know ? So, it is very much needed to have work experience.
What point in your career should you do MBA ?

Ideally, MBA is recommended when you want to move into any leadership roles or you started a leadership role and need help to do well. The Golden rule is, you have to work for few years before doing MBA.

What to do in the first 3 years of work ?
Well, if you are a business major you are fine. If not, it is a good idea to start preparing for MBA in year 2 by doing foundation classes and cracking your GMAT.
In fact, most of the top ranked business schools require a work experience of 5 years or more.  They know the importance of it. It is good to be a over achiever, but not ideal to get the most of your education.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to calculate the subnet number

number of total subnet created=2^x;x=like in class c we have 24 network bits in class c
a/c to class c it should be
but insted of this we have
    128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1
     1           1   1

that is we have
with 3 extra bits

anyway now you have to do conversion (in you head). Memorize this
128 = 1
192 = 2
224 = 3
240 = 4
248 = 5
252 = 6
254 = 7
255 = 8
 this will lead to
2^3rd power = 8 bits available for network portion.
8-3=5 bits are left for host portion.
As for calculating your network numbers
I had 5 of those here.  2^5 = 32.  So every 32'nd number is my new network.
0, 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192, and 224.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Aim Is Not A Subject

"Na jane kis raah par chal diya,jo behta hi le gya" hi readers, i got admitted to school little early, at the age of 3 year,i was very taciturn and dont wann to live the home even for the 1 hour ,but the days passed and a schedule   was build up in my subconscious mind that i have to spend my  life by going to the school.In first class also called as learning stage, i remember we learn "shabd kosh" and "alphabets".As i grew younger,i got admitted to higher class,and new things comes and what was my job is to learn them all,as that time there is a spoon feeding stage so teacher focus on adding learning abity in the students.this was fine till 8th std. ,but as i got the admission in 9th class,there was no stage left behind and we repeate the same procedure of learning the things, the problems results in 11th std when we were told to select the secince or maths,but at that time we say"btana yar kya lena chahiye".
You dont know but the day you enter the 9th class was your precious year of thinking your future aim,during the 11th std. you were so confused to decide this.And the same problem arises when you were sitting in an interview you make plastic aim infront of the pannel, there you may get succede but not in future life.Believe me its not your fault, its your school fault.If there would be proper session regarding your goal, your aim in life starting from school days there will be less unemployment and one field of education is not so rushed,as everyone have different thoughts.
"sab bhed chall main chley ja rahey hai"
there will not be such type of slogan if your school education pattern include "Aim" as an important subject.
We are only responsible for those websites or pump-lets which says "12vi ke bad kya krey,hummarey pass aye or paye safalta ka sadhan" why we have covered our eyes,why we cant even see that we are so stupid that we ourself give birth to unemploynent.There is not any purpose left behind ,we become slaves,my question from all of you is that "Are you  really enjoying your work and if no ,the person responsible for that is only you"
Please help me to recommend  this idea to education department of India,so that your child will not suffer from this situation.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I have a time do you?

I was four year old when i first come to see the a fat man running on the wall and suddenly jumps in into the hollow pipe ,eat fresh vegetable and jump across the wall , i was fascinated to see that , i came home and tell  that  i too wann to go for playing these games but my mumma says that no!!!!! its just a wastage of time. tomorrow i go for the dinner in our campus restaurant and i saw there is a chain of these devices,many people were not in the verge of getting the food instead were busy in playing games on there so called multimedia touch phone.I suddenly realize the momentum of the advancement of technology, an instent came into my mind "kya hoga jab we have kids"???? i was totally mesmerized by the conjuncture.i saw the people as usuall not shouting for there chapati instead they are busy in getting the maximum scores. how fun???
does it really seems to be good "agar mere pass bhi ye gadget hota kya mai bhi esa hi kar rha hota??? i dont know but the view was so bizarre that hardly anyone noticing how much they had eaten the food .Now a days we even dont bother to talk about the fun taht we have during our first year of degree.I think we need to understand the fact that we have to be more precise on the human relationship rather to marry the angry birds.

Friday, April 27, 2012

jab we met with A2C Skills

A2C Skills!!!! A name which has profound meaning, but if you understand it , it will make your memories above worth. It is a corporate training, IT service provider, Documentation and Recruitment company. With more than 100 clients across India.

27apr,2012 it was the day when I really comes to know about the company in real terms .There was the  recruitment drive for the various position including Technical writer,API writer, Software Application Developer, Web Developer, Technical Recruiter, Instructional Designer . We were waiting for the interview,a man Amit whom I met there an unknown guy , to share his experience regarding the company presentation session ,he told me that it was something different ,he was mesmerized for the moment!!!, because earlier, he was confused in selecting his job profile, but then he told me that the way they come out through the ppt was something like everybody thinks and i.e. `what the company want of me’???? and probably he got the solution as a  web developer. I was watching him and the man, he was so into the talk that I cant even blink my eye, he was enjoying the atmosphere we are sharing, So at that time i feel that the thing that I missed, was really a thought boosting, motivating and way finding.
There were some more sitting around , looking into their resume ,waiting for their turn, and four students who were sitting silently ,I go across them and ask  not to be so worry, lets share what you have learn in ppt session. One of the girl sitting at corner sofa told me that there is a 3 month training period and 1 year bond, with 2.5L CTC ,quite fascinating ,and other told that they will go through via online project , no separated platform will be provided.
And i concluded that ,it is a first company which not only amplify their needs but also our interpersonal and technical skills too ,So I can suggest that company has very good present/ future scope, and I, wish to be a part of such an esteemed organization where you will see your own soul and knowledge, and the way how to implement that in a right manner.